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[ SPACE CRUSADERS ] Game design document
Climate Change Game Jam 2017

By Taylor Halfpenny, Allison Langlois, Olivier Perralt, Bernice Wong


[ SPACE CRUSADERS ] is a space exploration game, where the player must travel to numerous planets to collect resources to upgrade their spaceship. For every available harmful way to harvest resources from other planets, there is a more sustainable method, usually introduced on other planets. This game aims to remind the player of small ways they can change their behaviour in order to help ease the negative effects we have on the planet. Encouraging them to decide between a selfish upgrade that destroys a planet but improves their spaceship, or to take a smaller upgrade that doesn't have much benefit, but ultimately sustains the planets with a renewable energy source.


The main mechanic of the game requires the player to jump from planet to planet, drifting into a planet's gravitational field to land. After landing, the player must make the decision of whether to gather a large amount of resources in one go, or take a small portion of it. The more resources the player gathers from a planet, the more harm will be done to it, finally destroying it and making it inhabitable. When enough upgrade "tabs" have been collected, the ship will receive an upgrade, either in terms of its speed, design, or way it can recharge itself.

There are two possible end games to [ SPACE CRUSADERS ]: either the player can satisfy all the planets and successfully having them be self-sustained, or all the planets can be destroyed by the player's careless actions.

Artistic Style

In-game art

As the game is aimed towards an audience of 18-35 years, we decided to give the game a cuter and softer look and feel. Bright, slightly pastel colours are used to create this effect.

Breakdown of Components

Game Engine - Gamemaker 2.0

Visual Arts Softwares - Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai

Audio Softwares- Reaper

Asset Breakdown

Space game

-Bkg ("spr" in GMS2.0)


-Help screen

-End game screen

-Win game screen

-Space background


-NPC (refugees); has 2 states (happy, angry/sad)

Based on endangered species

-Axolotl Refugees

-Turtle Refugees

-Frog Refugees


-Potrov (Pink/lavender)

-Vold (Green/Purple)

-Skragos (Red/Green)

-Quetzel (Blue)

-Rufios (Yellow/Pink)



-Metal upgrade (ver 1, ver 2)

-USB upgrade

-Rocket booster

-Reviver upgrade 1

-Reviver upgrade 2

-Storage upgrade


-temperature meter

-Font - Some options for fonts include


-Exo 2


-Press Start P2


-polluting dust/smoke


(Suggested) game flow diagram


Additional Ideas and Possibilities


White Dwarf

Planetary Pollution

Klimate Killers


Supernova Searcher

Pollution Pathfinder

SS (Space Ship)Smog The SS Smog

The SS Sustain

Install instructions

Unzip and Play


Rocketman.zip 5 MB

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